Press Release – Earth Day

Press Release – Earth Day

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For Immediate Release

April 22, 2014
Contact: Bob Marshall at 609-226-9202

New Jersey Energy Coalition Celebrates
Environmental Stewardship All Year Long

MILLVILLE, NJ – Starting in 1970, Earth Day has come to be celebrated in more than 192 countries each year to demonstrate support for protecting our environment.

Our nation faces many important issues, but none is more critical than protecting our environment. Rising sea levels, extreme weather conditions and changes in our climate remind us that future generations will indeed depend on today’s actions.
By bringing together companies and organizations from the academic sector, private sector, and public sector, the New Jersey Energy Coalition (NJEC) has assumed a leadership role in the discussion of achieving a balance for our state’s energy economy. NJEC seeks to strike the right mix of investment in energy infrastructure and new technologies that support the production and delivery of clean, reliable, and affordable energy for New Jersey while protecting our state’s vital natural resources.

Largely unnoticed, there are several energy companies that have already realized the need to not only provide affordable and reliable energy, but to also provide and deliver energy in a manner that is mindful of its environmental impact. For example, Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSEG), a NJEC member, has continued its Estuary Enhancement Program to help restore the Delaware Estuary and reduce its environmental impact at one of its nuclear generation sites in Salem County. The program helps restore, enhance, and preserve almost 20,000 acres of salt marsh and wetlands along the Delaware Estuary for the last 20 years, creating vital, healthy habitat for fish and wildlife. The PSEG estuary enhancement program is a perfect example of protecting the environment while creating new scientific evidence and methods of fish and wildlife protection.

Another great example of environmental stewardship is occurring in New Jersey’s southernmost eight counties. Atlantic City Electric is providing 2,000 free trees to customers through the Energy-Saving Trees program. Launched as a pilot initiative in 2012 with the Arbor Day Foundation, the Energy-Saving Trees program helps customers conserve energy and reduces household electricity bills through strategic tree planting. The Arbor Day Foundation calculates that the 2,000 trees are estimated to produce more than $380,000 in energy savings within 20 years. Customers can reserve up two trees per household, and the program will continue until all 2,000 trees are reserved.

“NJEC members are deeply committed to the mission of providing and delivering clean, reliable, affordable energy, without compromising on environmental stewardship”, said Bob Marshall, Executive Director of NJEC.

This Earth Day, NJEC and its members continue to demonstrate our support for the need to protect our environment while promoting collaboration among key leaders in the energy and environmental sectors to create a world that is economically robust, sustainable and leaves a better place for future generations.