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Educating the public about the need for energy policies that protect the environment, protect the ratepayer, and improve the state's economy.

The New Jersey Energy Coalition generates public support for the production and delivery of clean, reliable, affordable, American energy to meet New Jersey’s growing energy needs. The Coalition seeks to achieve this goal through increasing the public’s awareness of the need to keep existing clean energy providers operational, to develop new affordable clean sources of in-state generation and to maintain a suitable transmission and distribution infrastructure for delivering electricity to our citizens.

The membership of the NJ Energy Coalition includes statewide and local leaders and organizations representing the environmental, business, health care, labor, trade, consumer, academic, and civic communities.


The Coalition’s first programmatic goal was to generate public support for the renewal of the operating license of the Oyster Creek Generating Station. The Coalition helped increase public awareness about the benefits of Oyster Creek and the important role nuclear power plays in meeting New Jersey’s electricity needs.

Our other programmatic goals include advocacy for the license renewal of New Jersey’s other nuclear plants, the construction of more clean and affordable sources of electricity in our state, the upgrade and expansion of our transmission infrastructure, and the creation on an energy industry in New Jersey that generates jobs and economic development.

The Coalition serves as a forum for members to discuss and identify in a collaborative manner policies that will enable the state to achieve its goal of affordable, clean, reliable electricity.