The NJ Energy Coalition was formed to forge solutions to our many energy challenges.

About Us

The Coalition includes statewide and local leaders and organizations representing the environmental, business, health care, labor, trade, consumer, academic, and civic communities.

The Coalition works to educate the public about the need for energy policies that protect the environment, protect the ratepayer, and improve the state’s economy. Our focus includes advocacy for the license renewal of New Jersey’s nuclear power plants, the construction of more clean and affordable sources of baseload electricity, the upgrade and expansion of our transmission and distribution infrastructure, and the creation on an energy industry in New Jersey that generates jobs and economic development.

The first programmatic goal of the Coalition was to generate public support for renewal of the operating license of the Oyster Creek Generating Station. We worked to increase public awareness about the benefits of Oyster Creek and the important role nuclear energy plays in meeting New Jersey’s electricity needs. In April 2009, Oyster Creek received a license extension allowing the facility to operate for another 20 years.

In order to maintain its status as a national leader in energy development, New Jersey needs to foster a sustainable in-state energy industry that includes suitable transmission, manufacturing, economic development and, most importantly, job creation. The NJ Energy Coalition provides advocacy for initiatives in our state that will provide new development and new jobs in the energy-related fields, including renewable energy projects, energy efficiency programs, construction of new generation facilities and infrastructure investment.

We aim to create a strong coalition of leaders and organizations who will collectively address the energy challenges facing New Jersey and help achieve the common goal of assuring a reliable supply of affordable, clean energy for businesses and residents. We believe that, with your help, this Coalition can become a galvanizing force to raise public awareness and support for that important goal.

I hope you will join us.

Dr. Edward H. Salmon