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  • NJ Energy Facts

    QUICK FACTS New Jersey averaged the 10th-highest electricity prices in the nation in 2014. New Jersey’s Oyster Creek nuclear reactor, which is the oldest operating nuclear power plant in the United States, began operation in 1969 and is scheduled to shut down in 2019. New Jersey has adopted a Renewable Portfolio Standard requiring that more than 20% of net electricity sales come from renewable energy resources by 2021; specific solar and offshore wind requirements are included ...

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  • Energy Facts – Shale Gas

    Did You Know… Shale gas refers to natural gas that is trapped within shale formations. Shales are fine-grained sedimentary rocks that can be rich sources of petroleum and natural gas. Over the past decade, the combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing has allowed access to large volumes of shale gas that were previously uneconomical to produce. The production of natural gas from ...

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  • Energy Facts – Nuclear Reactor Locations

    Did You Know… There Are 31 States With at Least One Commercial Nuclear Reactor Most of the reactors in the United States are located east of the Mississippi River, near water sources (see map below). Illinois has the most reactors (11) and the most nuclear capacity. The three largest reactors in the United States, each with capacities above 1,300 net megawatts, are located at the Palo Verde plant in Arizona. The smallest reactor (478 net megawatts) is ...

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  • Energy Facts – NJ Energy Consumption

    Did You Know… Transportation accounts for over a third of energy consumption in New Jersey. New Jersey has one of the longest average commutes in the nation. Industrial energy consumption is the smallest portion of New Jersey’s total energy consumption. According to EIA 2010 data, the State ranks 37th in energy consumption per capita.

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  • Energy Facts – Generation in New Jersey

    Did You Know… That 52.1% of New Jersey’s electricity generation is from nuclear power.  New Jersey’s four plants at Hope Creek, Oyster Creek, Salem 1 and Salem 2 effectively and cleanly generate over half of New Jersey’s electricity.  Natural gas generates 39.1%; Coal 6.6%, renewable and other sources 2.3%; oil .2%, and hydro .3%. Salem and Hope Creek reactors alone generate enough electricity for 3 million home daily.  Output from ...

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