Our Purpose

The need to protect our fragile environment while providing New Jersey residents and business with affordable and reliable sources of energy is clearly a challenging but achievable goal. Yet, if we are timid and unrealistic in the work we do to reach this essential goal, we do so at our own peril.

Clean and abundant sources of energy to light our lives, power our businesses, schools, and hospitals is a critical need. But so too is the need to halt environmentally damaging climate change.

The good news is that the two needs are not mutually exclusive.

The 2003 blackout that crippled the Northeast stands as a stark reminder of how dependent our lifestyle and security is on a reliable supply of electric power. Furthermore, while most people believe that global warming is threatening our quality of life, a vigorous debate exists on the best strategies to meet that threat.

The NJ Energy Coalition works to educate the public about the need for energy policies that protect the environment, protect the interests of the ratepayer, and improve the state’s economy. Our programmatic goals include advocacy for the license renewal and continued operation of New Jersey’s nuclear power plants, the upgrade and expansion of a suitable transmission and distribution infrastructure, the construction of more in-state clean and affordable sources of baseload electricity, and the creation on an energy industry in New Jersey that generates jobs and fosters economic development.

In order to maintain its status as a national leader in energy development, New Jersey needs to foster a sustainable in-state energy industry that includes suitable transmission, manufacturing, economic development and, most importantly, job creation. The NJ Energy Coalition provides advocacy for initiatives in our state that will provide new development and new jobs in the energy-related fields, including renewable energy projects, energy efficiency programs, construction of new generation facilities and infrastructure investment

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the nation will need 40 percent more electricity by 2030. The Mid-Atlantic region alone will need at least 13 percent more electricity by 2030. New Jersey must find a way to meet this increasing demand in a smart and timely manner.

We will create a strong coalition of leaders and organizations who will collectively address the energy challenges facing New Jersey and help achieve the common goal of assuring a reliable supply of affordable, clean energy for businesses and residents.